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Minnesota Child Support Online

Welcome to Minnesota Child Support Online

Monday, September 1st is a state and federal holiday. State offices and banks will be closed for the day and direct deposits and checks will not be issued. Checks and direct deposits may not be credited into your account until Wednesday, September 3rd. Verify with your bank that direct deposits have been credited to your account.


Participants who have not RE-REGISTERED after February 11 need to go in as a “New Participant” below. You will create a User ID and Password. Please remember these. Clicking the “Minnesota Child Support Online” text above in the green section will redirect you to the registration page. If you have MCSO bookmarked, click above and re-bookmark. Participants who do not remember their PIN should contact the county caseworker first. If you have other problems creating the User ID or Password, contact the Child Support Enforcement Division at 651-431-4400, select menu option 5. (Continue to use your participant number and PIN to access payment information on the Child Support Payment Hotline, 651-431-4340 or 800-657-3512.)


The Participant site provides:


The Employer site provides:
  • online and file upload options for making child support payments for employees
  • employee termination reporting
  • information about the child support program
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) for employers
  • Contact us information